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Opportunity Awaits Inc.

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We are CARF Accredited.

About Us

We are a community oriented agency that specifically focuses on serving citizens with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

Our Mission

Opportunity Awaits, Inc. is committed to the enhancement of services to communities and families regardless of race, creed, color, gender, national origin or disabilities. We focus on growth while meeting individual developmental milestones; bridging the gap between therapeutic and educational resources, and with faith, we continue to strive for a wholistic environment for all we serve.

Our staff members are committed to providing high quality care services. Our programs are developed based on the consumers PCP plan or developing a specific individual plan. Our experienced staff members are specially trained to work with and carry out the individual’s treatment plan . . . Read more

We provide a range of support services that are provided in the person’s home, work place and the community.  These services are usually funded through the Community Alternative Program (CAP) waiver program, State/Local funding or private payment  for Children and Adults.

Opportunity Awaits, Inc. will focus on being an aid to helping an individual unwrap, discover and use his/her gift and skills to live an enriched and purposeful life. Another goal is to educate and empower parents/guardians in order to produce stronger families

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We aim to provide creative opportunities and supports to people with developmental disabilities. Our services accentuate positive growth and development of adaptive living skills to help an individual live his or her life to its fullest potential. Our passion to our consumers is evidenced by our focus on excellence in an environment of integrity, dedication and teamwork.

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